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CloudGate pioneers a world where passwords are no longer needed for secure authentication. With the new strong authentication technology, everyone can access cloud service safe and easy. How It works
CloudGate UNO A trusted identity management solution with
strong authentication and over 99.99%
service availability.
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CloudGate UNO is an identity management solution that offers high-level security and improved user flexibility and productivity.


CloudGate Key Manager is the modern solution for managing your SSH Keys while reduces this risk and provides a secure audit trail for SOX compliance.

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Learn about ISR's journey with SoftBank to accelerate expansion of the G Suite Ecosystem in Japan

SoftBank and ISR have been active within the G Suite ecosystem since 2011.
Learn how ISR was able to cultivate its partnership with SoftBank.

Softbank and ISR have been active within the G Suite ecosystem since 2011. 

Learn how ISR was able to cultivate its partnership with Softbank.


"Among the SSO vendors of G Suite, from the start until now, ISR has been a model of security and trust"

— Osamu Taniguchi

Director, Cloud Business Planning
Strategy Business Division

"It is because of this belief that ISR can handle the most complicated customization requirements as well as handle problems as they come up, that we developed trust in ISR."

— Kousuke Fujita

Manager, Planning Section, Cloud Business Promotion Department
Strategy Business Division


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ISR’s CloudGate Blog covers all of cloud security and enablement – cloud adoption
trends, the changing role of IT, data breaches, and more.

SSH Key Management
Cloud Identity and Access

The Need for SSH Key Management

By Robby Cornelissen With more organizations moving their servers to the cloud, managing SSH keys that are used to access these servers is fast becoming

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