About the CEO

Raul Mendez, the CEO and founder of ISR, has a unique career path as an American who established a company in Japan which eventually became one of the leading SSO providers in the Japanese market.

CEO Mendez

Raul Mendez, CEO and founder of ISR

Coming to Japan

1985 was the year that Mendez first came to Japan. Because of a research paper he wrote on supercomputers, he was invited by the researchers at the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science to come to Japan to test the performance of a supercomputer developed by Hitachi, Fujitsu and NEC at that time. 

Later in 1987, Mendez was scouted by Recruit Institute, which started a time-based rental business for Supercomputer usage. He joined as the head of the Supercomputer Research Institute, and worked his way up to be one of the board of directors in 1988. He served in that position until 1993.

Establishing ISR - The Beginning of CloudGate Business

While Mendez was working in Japan, he was amazed by the diligence and dedication the Japanese had towards their work. As his desire to start his own business in Japan grew, he resigned from Recruit Institute in September, 1993 and established ISR as a supercomputer consulting company in Tokyo, Japan.
In 1996, Mendez expanded his business to the IT industry. He developed a middleware, “Zolar”, which synchronized the web pages with the database, and created an application, “PPPhone”, which can be used as an IP phone on PDA devices.
In 2007, he first used Google Apps™ (currently known as G Suite), and immediately felt it was an innovative service to replace the existing on-premise type mail system and groupware. He reached out to Google Japan and proposed the idea of building a much needed security feature among Japanese enterprises: an SSO solution with an access control function for logging into Google Apps™.
The proposal was accepted the next year in 2008.  Since then, ISR has been providing its SSO solution service, CloudGate, as a Google certified partner.

One Team Across Borders

Mendez believes that better service can be offered to customers through collaboration and cooperation. Now that ISR has started an office outside of Japan, it is more important than ever for ISR Tokyo and ISR Cebu to come together as one team to provide the best SSO service to existing and potential customers.