Becoming a Google Premier Partner of the Technology Track

Google Premier Partner

By Robby Robbins
Software Engineer


As we make the long trek from our office in Tokyo to Google’s new campus in Sunnyvale, California, there is a familiarity to the experience that is simultaneously exciting and humbling. Nearly ten years ago, in 2008, ISR became the first company in Japan to be recognized as a Google Standard Partner. Since that time, our CloudGate service (now CloudGate UNO), has become the market leader in Japan in the SSO market with over 680,000 users across more than 1,500 companies.


Our success was driven by our confidence in G Suite and our foresight of the increasing reliability on cloud-based services. During this period as a Standard Partner with Google, we serviced over a billion sign on requests, mostly to G Suite.


For this visit, we were heading to Sunnyvale to sit down with Google directly and make our case to become closer partners and convince them of our drive and passion to share our service in the North American market.
Now, in 2017, ISR has officially become the first company in Japan to attain the status of Google Premier Partner of the Technology Track.


All of us at ISR look forward to working together with Google closely through our partnership in order to offer the most safe, convenient, reliable, affordable service for SSO access control in North America.