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The Giant First Step in the US Market

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By Ellie Hsieh

Marketing Associate


AWS re:Invent venue
AWS re:Invent venue

As AWS re:Invent came to a close and I packed the last promotional item into the box, I looked around the empty booth and thought, “We’ve made it”.

We had come a long way to get to AWS re:Invent.

I started this project six months ago when we decided to expand the sales of our products CloudGate UNO and CloudGate Key Manager to the US market. It was a huge challenge for me since we did not have much brand awareness in the US market nor promotional materials, despite the number of clients we had in Japan. However, I was able to work with a great team that made the impossible possible.



ISR Booth Swags and Panel
ISR Booth Swags and Panel

As a member of the global marketing team, the most difficult part of the project for me was to decide how we could convey the benefits of our SSH key management solution, CloudGate Key Manager, to customers in a clear and simple way since the risks regarding improper SSH key management has been underestimated by many businesses. After countless meetings, discussions and brainstorming sessions, we finally  decided the message and conducted a promotional plan for launching CloudGate Key Manager at AWS re:Invent.
Starting from our product webpage to booth designs, brochures, and free swags. We made sure that our potential customers could receive the necessary information on CloudGate Key Manager, whether offline or online, and our entire promotionalmaterials delivered a cohesive message. As a result, we received numerous leads and inquiries on our product. We had great conversations with hundreds of people who stopped by our booth as well, and the greatest takeaway I had from this was when people told us that CloudGate Key Manager was the solution they were looking for the whole time.



ISR Staff at AWS re:Invent explaining CloudGate
ISR Staff at AWS re:Invent explaining CloudGate

AWS re:Invent was an invaluable experience for us. We were able to directly connect with our customers, listen to their needs, and offer our solutions to solve their problems. Most importantly, we were able to promote our brand name and take a giant first step towards marketing CloudGate in the US. This event would not have been successful without the great people I worked with. Members from the Cebu office and different departments all contributed in this project and made it happen.
Expanding to a new market is like running a marathon, the goal cannot be achieved in the short term. Although we still have many things to overcome along the way, we have taken the first step from the starting line with the success of exhibiting at AWS re:Invent. I believe that it will be a bumpy journey ahead, but as the saying goes, “A good beginning is half the battle”. We had a good start at AWS re:Invent, and we look forward to continually enhance the cloud access security of the customers in US with our CloudGate service.