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I depart from LAX to Las Vegas early in the evening and I am lucky to catch from my window, as we fly over Los Angeles, a strikingly beautiful view of the city as the sun goes down. This evening, the ISR team—flying in from Victoria, Seattle and Tokyo—gathers at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. Tomorrow, we will launch sales of CloudGate Key Manager for the US market at the AWS re:Invent event. We have a late night meeting to check last minute details. Today, anticipating long lines, I leave the hotel early to secure a seat at the Venetian Hall

Flying to SFO on the afternoon of a Typhoon that did not come. Typhoon 21 is scheduled to hit Tokyo on Monday morning around the time that the workday begins here and on the day that I am supposed to depart for San Francisco on a business trip. Throughout the weekend we have been besieged by nonstop rain. However, on Monday despite the many warnings  the typhoon bypasses Tokyo and by noon the weather clears up. At 3 pm my flight takes off on time from Haneda under beautiful  blue skies.   After a 10 hour flight I land on time

Securing mobile access and authentication with CloudGate. ISR’s CEO talks about business trip to Cebu and launch of our SSO service in the US. I am on a plane bound for Cebu to attend ISR Cebu’s monthly board meeting. My flight touches down at the Mactan airport just past midnight. I go through immigration and customs then walk outside, stand in line and take a taxi. The car leaves the airport entering a narrow road lined up with what I think are papaya trees. I open the car window and the warm air brings the sounds of late night in

To authenticate access to Google Hangouts, CloudGate, using FIDO protocols, verifies the login by requiring the user to touch smartphone fingerprint sensor. As the Boeing 777 that I am riding on approaches Seattle, I look once more out my window. Through fast clouds passing by, I contemplate again the awe-inspiring forest beneath us. Then as we are about to land the forest turns to sea.  Across the water the city looms in the distance. After an 11 hour ride from Tokyo, I am at the Seattle Tacoma airport. Though it is a late Sunday afternoon here, in Tokyo it is already

ISR’s CEO talks about Japanese high quality SSO service CloudGate, how it attained 99.99% availability and outstanding customer level. As I look out of the window of the Boeing 787 that I ride on and which is about to land, I catch a view of Mount Fuji in the distance emerging out of a cloud layer which hides Tokyo Bay. I am back to Japan from a two-week business trip to the Pacific Northwest to setup offices there to start offering this fall our CloudGate service in the US market. Tokyo is the home of CloudGate, born in this great

ISR’s CEO talks about setting up customer center in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada for our soon to start CloudGate service in the US market. I look out the window from the seaplane I am riding on as it is about to touch down on the Victoria harbor. I am awed by the beautiful view of the harbor this late summer afternoon. I deplane and walk on the wooden pier among low flying seagulls I think are welcoming me. I have come to Victoria to help set up a customer support center for our CloudGate service soon to start in Seattle.

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The CEO and founder of ISR, has a unique career path as an American who established a company in Japan which eventually became one of the leading SSO providers in the Japanese market.