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Going Global 2: From Japan to the US

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SSO and access control service CloudGate will launch in US.


ISR’s CEO talks about CloudGate, an SSO and access control service that ISR created in Japan will launch in US for the first time this fall.


This summer, I came back to the US after thirty years of working and living in Japan. The last twenty four years, I have spent building a company, International Systems Research, which was first dedicated to improving the usability of the internet and is now dedicated to developing applications and services to improve cloud security.
CloudGate is an SSO authentication and access control service that ISR created in Japan eight years ago. Now,  we are bringing it to the US for the first time this fall. We believe that in the US, as in Japan, and the rest of the world, there is a huge need for dependable, affordable strong authentication. Users in the US deserve an easier to use, affordable, safer way to access cloud services without having to pay high licensing and deployment fees.
In Japan, since the launch of Google Apps (currently known as G Suite) in 2008, CloudGate has had top market share because it provides dependable, affordable, strong authentication.


For the past four years, CloudGate has been available to its users, each year,  for more than 99.99% of the time.


During these four years, when a user needed  to login to G Suite, Office 365, box and many other cloud services, CloudGate has been there to enable the login.


Finally, for the last two years, ISR has been a member of the FIDO Alliance and ISR has worked hard to realize our goal of taking authentication beyond passwords. Since January 2015, CloudGate has supported FIDO protocol based, strong second factor authentication and since October 2015, CloudGate has supported fingerprint-based, smartphone-enabled, strong second factor authentication.


In the next few blog posts, I will describe our experience bringing CloudGate to the top of the market share in Japan’s SSO industry.

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The CEO and founder of ISR, has a unique career path as an American who established a company in Japan which eventually became one of the leading SSO providers in the Japanese market.

A trademark single sign-on service solution of ISR (International Systems Research Co.) that provides reliable and affordable strong authentication service to secure cloud access.

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