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Going Global 3: Setting up Customer Support Center in Victoria

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Victoria Canada

ISR’s CEO talks about setting up customer center in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada for our soon to start CloudGate service in the US market.

I look out the window from the seaplane I am riding on as it is about to touch down on the Victoria harbor. I am awed by the beautiful view of the harbor this late summer afternoon. I deplane and walk on the wooden pier among low flying seagulls I think are welcoming me.

I have come to Victoria to help set up a customer support center for our CloudGate service soon to start in Seattle. The British Columbia government, seated on the imposing Government Hall building looming across the water in the distance, has been specially welcoming and supportive. This support has been a major factor for us setting up office here. Since our customer service will be two-tiered with Victoria being the customer facing team with escalation to ISR Tokyo, when necessary, it is critically important that our staff can travel easily between these cities.

In addition to high availability, customer support is one of the key differentiators of our CloudGate service. One of the core values on which our company culture is built upon is the Service Mind concept. Each of us at ISR strive everyday to improve team collaboration focused on the customer. This dedication to improving the user experience when interacting with customers, which is built in our core value, has resulted in a customer support level which is highly valued by our customers.


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The CEO and founder of ISR, has a unique career path as an American who established a company in Japan which eventually became one of the leading SSO providers in the Japanese market.

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