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Going Global 5: Back in the Pacific Northwest

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Back in the Pacific Northwest

To authenticate access to Google Hangouts, CloudGate, using FIDO protocols, verifies the login by requiring the user to touch smartphone fingerprint sensor.

As the Boeing 777 that I am riding on approaches Seattle, I look once more out my window. Through fast clouds passing by, I contemplate again the awe-inspiring forest beneath us. Then as we are about to land the forest turns to sea.  Across the water the city looms in the distance. After an 11 hour ride from Tokyo, I am at the Seattle Tacoma airport. Though it is a late Sunday afternoon here, in Tokyo it is already early Monday morning and I need to join the go-to-market weekly meeting which is about to begin. To access my Google Hangouts account from my PC I must authenticate to CloudGate. After verifying my credentials, CloudGate pings me on my smartphone, I am asked to authorize the login from my PC. I touch the fingerprint sensor on my iPhone and in less than a second I am on my Hangouts account. I click on the video icon and  join my colleagues in Tokyo. This CloudGate implementation of FIDO’s strong authentication protocols uses two different devices interacting through CloudGate via two independent networks.


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The CEO and founder of ISR, has a unique career path as an American who established a company in Japan which eventually became one of the leading SSO providers in the Japanese market.

A trademark single sign-on service solution of ISR (International Systems Research Co.) that provides reliable and affordable strong authentication service to secure cloud access.

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