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Going Global 6: A Business Trip to Cebu – Secure access with our SSO service

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Business trip to Cebu

Securing mobile access and authentication with CloudGate. ISR’s CEO talks about business trip to Cebu and launch of our SSO service in the US.

I am on a plane bound for Cebu to attend ISR Cebu’s monthly board meeting. My flight touches down at the Mactan airport just past midnight. I go through immigration and customs then walk outside, stand in line and take a taxi. The car leaves the airport entering a narrow road lined up with what I think are papaya trees. I open the car window and the warm air brings the sounds of late night in the tropics and memories of my place of birth, Cali, (Colombia). Soon the car enters the Mactan bridge. In the distance across the water I can see the City of Cebu. In spite of the late hour here I must join my colleagues across the Pacific in Seattle, where the workday has just begun, to discuss the soon to be announced press release for CloudGate UNO in the US. I plug into my smartphone the prepaid SIM card that I use when I travel here, tethering my PC to my smartphone and access Google drive after securely authenticating through CloudGate. I open the press release file that I have been working on off-line during my flight from Tokyo and the file is automatically updated from my PC. My editors in Seattle are quick to give me feedback on the draft. They ask why the Single Sign-On and flexible access control capabilities of CloudGate are mentioned, while little mention is made of its IAM features. I reply that since our initial launch will offer only the basic and standard options of CloudGate, there is no need to mention the synchronization with AD and other identity management features and that we should mention IAM when we launch CloudGate Enterprise early next year. After some back and forth, my colleagues see my viewpoint, and we then discuss their other suggestions which I soon agree to and the press release is finalized. My taxi arrives at the hotel and I walk in to check in. I will be able to catch a few hours sleep before my board meeting.


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The CEO and founder of ISR, has a unique career path as an American who established a company in Japan which eventually became one of the leading SSO providers in the Japanese market.

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