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Going Global 8: Launching CloudGate Key Manager at AWS re:Invent

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CloudGate Key Manager at AWS re:Invent

I depart from LAX to Las Vegas early in the evening and I am lucky to catch from my window, as we fly over Los Angeles, a strikingly beautiful view of the city as the sun goes down. This evening, the ISR team—flying in from Victoria, Seattle and Tokyo—gathers at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. Tomorrow, we will launch sales of CloudGate Key Manager for the US market at the AWS re:Invent event. We have a late night meeting to check last minute details. Today, anticipating long lines, I leave the hotel early to secure a seat at the Venetian Hall and I barely manage to find a seat as Andy Jassy, the CEO of Amazon Web Services (AWS), begins his presentation. From the start Andy emphasizes that the cloud is a new platform allowing companies to rethink their applications and, in the process, spawn new innovations. AWS’ strategy is to continuously, based on user feedback, strive to provide the best tools, hardware and software to enable enterprises to reinvent their applications in the AWS cloud while preserving security and compliance.


Our product, CloudGate Key Manager, is a strong authentication SSH key management (generation, revocation, rotation and distribution) solution designed to strengthen security and compliance when moving to the cloud. Fine-grained security policies can be easily set up using a drag-and-drop user interface.One of the highlights of Andy’s keynote was Goldman Sachs’ Managing Director Roy Joseph’s presentation. Roy singled out the most important factor that led Goldman Sachs to choose the AWS cloud: Bring Your Own Key technology for AWS main services.

Just like with having your valuables in a bank’s vault, you are not comfortable until you have your own key to your security box.

The fact that Goldman Sachs selected AWS because it allowed them to manage their own keys, clearly indicates the importance of having a secure, reliable key management solution in place. After almost three hours of customer testimonials, new products and feature announcements, Andy’s keynote ends and the exhibit begins. For three days, our staff actively engages hundreds of visitors to our booth. There is keen interest in CloudGate Key Manager from both medium and large enterprises. The 2017 AWS exhibit clearly  demonstrates a vibrant ecosystem of ISVs, resellers and MSPs, all driven by AWS’s relentless focus on using customer feedback to continuously improve and expand their cloud platform.


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