CloudGate App

  • About the app

    CloudGate Smartphone Device Restriction App is a special application for customers who use G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps for Work) and the CloudGate Smartphone Device Restriction module.

  • Convenient, secure functions tailored for business use

    • Restrictions on downloading attachments
    • Screenlock function
    • Hidden address bar
    • Register / manage bookmarks
  • Ideal for BYOD

    With the CloudGate app, attachments and authentication information are not saved on the phone.  Even in the unlikely situation that a device is lost or stolen, your organization’s information remains private and secure.

  • Restrict unauthorized access from stolen devices

    Once a registered device is lost, administrators can simply disable access from that device.

* When you register a device with this app, you can log in to G Suite (Gmail) only from the registered device. 
* To use this application, you need a plan that includes the CloudGate UNO Smartphone Device Restriction module.

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