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MLJ Inc. chooses to secure Dropbox with CloudGate UNO
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One of the conditions for introducing cloud storage was “security”.

Along with our own company information, we also handle content and artist information from clients that are major music labels and entertainment companies. As part of our security policy, it was essential that we not only ensure proper management, but also prevent information leakage of customer data.

Upon hearing that “CloudGate UNO“, which was one of the security options that was being considered, also supported Dropbox, we requested ISR if we could try to verify immediately.

The “IP address restriction” feature that permits access only from the company’s internal IP address and restricts access from outside the company, allowed administrators to limit access according to the route they mapped out. This feature was a key factor in reinforcing security. It was also possible to enhance security with services from other providers, but it was very expensive. Security is important, but we have to think about how it balances out with cost. Price-wise, CloudGate UNO was very affordable and it was also very easy to setup.


We deliver high-level security from the cloud, not only do you save money, but we also provide various access restrictions and strong authentication mechanism.