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Yoshimoto Administration

Yoshimoto Administration Co., Ltd. adopts CloudGate UNO for its easy-to-use, flexible access control policies

Yoshimoto Administration Co., Ltd.
Mr. Kato and Mr. Tsuchiya

The key differentiator of CloudGate UNO was its easy-to-use and flexible access control policies. We felt there was a future for this service as security measures for cloud services continued to increase.

An ongoing issue about the adoption of cloud services was the security risks involved; however, with CloudGate UNO’s various access control policies, even standalone cloud services with no security features could safely be adopted. Pairing a new cloud service with CloudGate UNO allows you to explore the cloud service’s features and pricing plans without having to worry about the security risks.

We use CloudGate UNO’s user hub to login to connected services. Before, we used to utilize only G Suite, so there was no need to use the user hub as much. However, now we have connected CloudGate UNO with Cybozu Office. As we continue to connect other cloud services and in-house systems, we will utilize the user hub feature as a portal for each employee, and further accelerate the utilization of the cloud and other systems.


We deliver high-level security from the cloud, not only do you save money, but we also provide various access restrictions and strong authentication mechanism.