Towards a world without passwords!


CloudGate UNO now supports FIDO2 open authentication standard. Get free FIDO2-certified devices and be part of the first 100 companies to experience passwordless authentication. The passwordless world is here, don’t miss out!

What is a FIDO2-certified passwordless authentication device?

Insert the FIDO2 authentication device into the USB port. (Depending on the FIDO2 device, authentication via Bluetooth and NFC may be possible)

Tap the FIDO2 device to verify your identity 

and login.

A FIDO2-certified device is a roaming authenticator that people carry around in addition to their computers and smart devices. The hardware authenticator replaces passwords and takes various shapes like a USB token or a key. Based on public-key cryptography, FIDO2 is an open authentication standard that enables strong and passwordless authentication with web and cloud services.


With FIDO2 authenticators that enables safe and simple login to cloud services, people don’t have to setup and memorize complex passwords for different services.

Key Features:

  • Login with a simple touch on device.
  • Verification is carried out locally on the authenticator device.
  • No secret is stored on the server or cloud service.

What Is FIDO2 Passwordless Authentication?

FIDO2 is an open standard for authentication hosted by FIDO Alliance, an industry consortium focusing on developing authentication standards to help reduce the world’s over-reliance on passwords. FIDO2 consists of W3C Web Authentication specification (WebAuthn API), and the Client to Authentication Protocol (CTAP). CTAP specifies the interoperation between biometric devices and web browsers – where users can securely login to online services. In lieu of passwords, FIDO2 standard takes advantage of FIDO2 certified hardware devices to ensure secure and effortless authentication.

Benefits of FIDO2 Authentication

FIDO2 Passwordless - Security / Risk Reduction

Risk Reduction

FIDO2 authentication greatly reduces the risk of phishing, keylogger, and man-in-the-middle attacks.

FIDO2 Passwordless - User Experience

Easy to Use

FIDO2 authenticator is easy to use, eliminating the need to memorize and manage complex passwords for all sorts of online services.

FIDO2 Passwordless - Reduce Cost

Cost Reduction

Password-related IT management costs are reduced since there is no need to reset passwords, no need to update passwords periodically.

FIDO2 Adds Strong Authentication to CloudGate UNO

CloudGate UNO now supports FIDO2 authentication. The new authentication option makes CloudGate UNO more secure and easier to use.

Beyond the strong authentication option, CloudGate UNO also provides flexible access control as well as Single Sign-On (SSO) that enables instant access to multiple cloud services. With CloudGate UNO, you can enjoy all cloud services with a single login action and boost your productivity.

A Great Advancement in User Experience

Combining unprecedented security and usability, FIDO2-certified authenticators provide a passwordless experience for end users.

ATKey.Card by AuthenTrend TechnologyYubikey by Yubico - FIDO2 Passwordless

Credit Card-size security token provided by AuthenTrend Technology

  • Fingerprint Scanner
  • Built-in USB, BLE and NFC, one authenticator works for all devices.
  • Also works as employee ID card
BioPass FIDO2® by FEITIAN Technologies Yubikey by Yubico - FIDO2 Passwordless

BioPass FIDO2®
USB security token provided by FEITIAN Technologies

  • Fingerprint Scanner
  • Uses technology trusted by numerous financial institutions
  • Excellent design and performance
Yubikey by Yubico - FIDO2 Passwordless

USB key provided by Yubico

  • Bioelectricity sensor
  • NFC and USB support
  • Water resistant and durable

Be one of the first 100 companies to
eliminate passwords!

- Join The Passwordless Experience Program -

Join our program to enjoy easy-to-use passwordless authentication. Our initial launch features three authenticator devices
offered by FIDO alliance members. You can choose the one that best fits your work environment.

The Program

Experiencing FIDO2 passwordless authentication program using CloudGate UNO.
You are also invited to participate in the survey to help improve our CloudGate UNO service.

What’s Featured

Two types of FIDO2 Security Keys are offered.

  • Free choice from ATKey.Card, BioPass Security Key, and YubiKey.
  • Each company can have one key of each type.


100 Companies

Experience Period

April 1st to May 17th, 2019 (First come first served)

Operating Environment

Google Chrome
Windows 10 may be required depending on the security key used for passwordless authentication.


  • The security keys for the Passwordless Experience program is provided by our partner companies. Compatibility outside of the designated operating environment is not guaranteed.
  • Due to the large number of applications, we will be offering the program from March 18th to March 31st to a limited number of companies.  We will be offering the program to more companies from Aprl 1st onwards.  It will be first come first served basis.  Please be advised that it may take some time for the service environment to be ready. 
  • The experience program is subject to termination without prior notice.
  • Although we are making every effort to provide services provided for this program, we do not assume any responsibility for any actions that the user performs in this program. In addition, we are not responsible for any damage caused by using this program.

towards a world without Passwords

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