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Towards a Passwordless World: Better security without passwords

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With the second session of “Towards a World Without Passwords” seminar, International Systems Research Co. (ISR) is dedicated to the realization of a world of strong authentication without passwords.


During the seminar, our guest speakers, Mr. Kono from Microsoft Japan as well as representatives of three security key and card vendor companies, shared their insights mainly on the new FIDO2 protocol as well as the current security risks associated with password-based authentication. More than 30 people attended the seminar.


The seminar has been featured by Click here to view the report.sec

Event Summary


Toward a Passwordless World: Better security without passwords
Learn the essential cloud service best practices to protect your intellectual property from cyber attacks and how CloudGate, trusted by 1,500 companies, can help your company with its authentication features.


February 14th, 2019, Thursday

3:30-6:00 pm


Free of charge


Akihabara Convention Hall Conference Floor (5th floor)


International Systems Research Co. (ISR)

Guest Lectures


Authentication That Protects The Cloud Age

– The Passwordless Experience with Microsoft and FIDO-

Kono Shoji
Chief Security Officer & CISSP
Microsoft Japan

Companies in Exhibition

Token Vendors Dedicated to A Secured World without Passwords


Junichi Otomo

VP Sales Korea & Japan


Feitian Technologies Co., Ltd.

Geoffrey Li様

Technical Director of International Business


AuthenTrend Technology Inc. 

Yusuke Shiokawa


Experience FIDO2 authentication with ISR's
"Passwordless Experience Program"

Raul Mendez, CEO

Raul Mendez, CEO of ISR, announced the Passwordless Experience Program that envisions a passwordless world underpinned by strong authentication using FIDO2 open standard.


As an active member of the FIDO Alliance, ISR has found itself sharing the same vision, a better secured world without passwords, with companies like AuthenTrend Technology, Feitian Technologies, and Yubico. Such a mission is not an easy undertaking. 

However, industry-level collaborations are critical to relieve people from the daily annoyance of login using passwords. First of all, it is necessary to spread awareness that a passwordless authentication solution has been available  authentication solution that is secure but does not require any passwords. We welcome everyone who came today with a high interest in passwordless authentication. We hope to provide you as much information as we can.  We believe that FIDO will become widespread and a world without passwords can soon be realized in Japan.


Since February 18, ISR has invited different companies to join the Passwordless Experience Program, allowing them to try out CloudGate UNO with FIDO2 support as well as the FIDO2 security keys. The feature will be officially launched in the CloudGate UNO environment in mid-May.  ISR would like to invite companies to participate in this program and experience a world without passwords. We are devoted to supporting our participants throughout the course of the program.

Introduction of CloudGate UNO

Sales Engineer & Account Manager

Sales Engineer of Sales Department, demonstrated the biometric authentication implemented with CloudGate UNO.


The CloudGate UNO service began in 2008, and just recently celebrated its 10th-year anniversary. Initially, it was born as a service providing access control for Google Apps (currently G Suite). From that point on, we have added stronger authentication 


features such as multi-cloud, FIDO and biometric authentication according to customers’ demands and market needs.  Now, we have more than 1,500 companies who use the service. The major feature of CloudGate UNO is not only its single sign-on (SSO) that allows the user to connect to multiple cloud services, but also its stable service operation. We have realized over 99.99% availability for 5 consecutive years and 99.999% in 2017. This means that the downtime is less than 5 minutes per year.


CloudGate UNO currently supports multiple authentication methods including biometric authentication, device authentication, and USB hardware token. We have been offering biometric authentication as one kind of passwordless authentication since 2015. Since we’ve been envisioning the passwordless world for four years, abundant know-how has been obtained based on real experience with development and customer support. With the evolutionary support of FIDO2 standard in CloudGate UNO, passwordless authentication will become even easier and more secure.


Toward the end of the seminar, we also surveyed our participants. More than 90% of our participants became interested in passwordless authentication.


We also listened to our participants regarding all sorts of obstacles in realizing a world without passwords. Through this seminar, we were very pleased to know that many people are seriously considering passwordless authentication after scrutinizing their current authentication systems.


Starting from March 18, ISR will launch the Passwordless Experience Program with CloudGate UNO for up to 100 companies.


We welcome you to try out the authenticators from AuthenTrend Technology, Feitian Technologies, and Yubico by joining the Passwordless Experience Program.