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ISR Launches the World’s First Cloud-Based Passwordless Authentication Service from Japan

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ISR CEO, ISR/CloudGate UNO representatives, Security Key Authenticator guest speakers pose during the launch of the first FIDO2 passwordless authentication feature released in Japan

May 21, 2019 -Tokyo- International Systems Research Co. (ISR) officially launched support for FIDO2 passwordless authentication in CloudGate UNO, ISR’s flagship identity and access management solution. With this new feature, ISR becomes the first FIDO2 passwordless authentication service provider in Japan. 

CloudGate UNO is offered as a single sign-on (SSO) and access control service for enterprise users. With the new addition of FIDO2 support, users can now easily login to their CloudGate UNO accounts by simply touching a fingerprint sensor. Their fingerprint information will be registered and protected on the external token, not shared with any cloud services. 


Users of cloud services that have yet to support FIDO2 can also utilize passwordless authentication, as long as the services are connected to CloudGate UNO.
In addition to bringing along the convenient “touch and go” login procedure, customers of CloudGate UNO are also rid of worries about password resets for end-users, and the risk of password breach. Unlike passwords, FIDO2 user credentials are not shared across the network, and system administrators do not have to manage databases with hundreds of thousands of passwords.
ISR CEO, Raul Mendez, presenting the importance of using security key during the launch of FIDO2 passwordless authentication feature of CloudGate UNO

“There have been more and more hacking incidents in the last 10 years. Today, we are proud to finally offer end-to-end security for our customers using CloudGate UNO’s FIDO2 passwordless authentication and FIDO2 security keys,” said Raul Mendez, CEO of ISR.

ISR introduces two new subscription plans:
CloudGate UNO Enterprise Plus and CloudGate UNO Premium. Both plans include all the features from the current Enterprise Plan with the latest FIDO2 passwordless authentication feature.

“ISR is probably one of the first companies in the world to support FIDO2. We are very excited to partner with them,”
said Sonny Oh, Product Manager of eWBM, Korea-based FIDO2 security key maker.


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