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ISR Held Seminar about Strong Authentication with FIDO U2F

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ISR U2F Seminar

Tokyo, Japan: International Systems Research Co. (ISR) successfully held the seminar with the name of “Moving Beyond Password: Strong Authentication with FIDO U2F” on July 27th. We would like to thank everyone for the participation under the scorching heat.


We would like to thank our guest speakers from Google for Work Premium Partner NTT Docomo and Densan System, as well as speakers from online security solution provider Yubico.


During the seminar, ISR also introduced the strong authentication and access control service CloudGate. CloudGate implements the new authentication standard set by FIDO Alliance. With CloudGate and YubiKeys from Yubico, companies can move beyond password and have strong authentication to protect them from cyber attacks and data breaches.

ISR U2F Seminar
ISR Seminar Scene

ISR U2F Seminar
John Haggard, CBO of Yubico, spoke at the Seminar.