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CloudGate UNO Announces Federated Access Support for Amazon Web Services

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SEATTLE – May 24, 2018 – ISR America Ltd., a single sign-on and cloud security provider, today announced the integration of Amazon Web Services (AWS) with CloudGate UNO using the Security Assertion Markup Language 2.0 (SAML) protocol.

Customers can now easily access their AWS Management Consoles and further allow CloudGate UNO administrators to set up access restrictions and biometric or two-factor authentication to limit and secure access to the AWS account.  

“With AWS accounts frequently at risk of being compromised, and even companies that are in the IT security business regularly getting breached, this deeper integration between CloudGate UNO and AWS aims to provide an added level of security for enterprises to manage their AWS accounts,” said Robby Cornelissen, ISR America Chief Technical Officer.

ISR is currently working on a set of new features for CloudGate UNO that will allow users to retrieve temporary access keys from AWS, much in the same way as they use CloudGate UNO to log in to the AWS Management Console and other services.  This will not only allow CloudGate UNO administrators to use the full range of CloudGate UNO’s security mechanisms to govern the issuance of AWS access keys, but will also let them specify the validity period for these keys.

“This set of new features can greatly reduce the risk of active keys falling into the wrong hands, and thereby increase the security of an organization’s infrastructure,” said Cornelissen.

The new Federated AWS API & CLI Access features for CloudGate UNO is scheduled to be rolled out to customers during the second half of this year.


About ISR America Ltd.

ISR, a single sign-on and cloud security provider is based in Seattle, WA. Originally headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, ISR provides strong, reliable, affordable authentication for the rapidly growing cloud market. The company is built on customer satisfaction and strives to respond to customer needs.  ISR is a member of the FIDO Alliance and is also the first Google Premier Partner of The Technology Track in Japan.

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