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ISR America Launches CloudGate UNO

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SEATTLE – October 16, 2017 – ISR America Ltd., a single sign-on and cloud security provider, today announced the launch of CloudGate UNO, an SSO solution that offers high-level security allowing for improved user flexibility and productivity. This service provides various access restrictions and strong authentication mechanisms to secure access to multiple cloud services such as G Suite, Salesforce, and Dropbox.


“We believe that in the US, there is a huge need for reliable and affordable strong authentication. Users in the US deserve a safer and more convenient way to access cloud services, without having to pay high licensing and deployment fees,” said Raul Mendez, CEO, ISR.


Trusted by over 1,500 organizations and 680,000 users, CloudGate UNO is currently one of the leading SSO solutions in the Japanese market. The service enforces strong authentication that goes beyond username and password, and allows organizations to use offerings such as FIDO U2F authentication and fingerprint authentication to further secure their access to the cloud.


CloudGate UNO provides access control functions that enable administrators to conveniently create security profiles and apply these to users. This enables them to implement restrictions based on IP address, device, access time, and access location to ensure that only authorized users with trusted devices are allowed access to important cloud-based resources.


CloudGate UNO provides unified account management and allows for automatic user and group provisioning to service providers. On top of this centralized user and group management, batch registration functions make it easy to provision users and groups in bulk.


About ISR America Ltd.
ISR America Ltd., a single sign-on and cloud security provider, is based in Seattle, US and originally headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. ISR provides reliable, affordable, strong authentication for the fast-growing cloud market. The company is built on customer satisfaction, and as such will continue providing high quality products and services based directly on clients’ needs. ISR is part of the FIDO Alliance and is also the first Google Premier Partner of The Technology Track in Japan.


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