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ISR announces CloudGate Key Manager

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CloudGate Key Manager

Tokyo, Japan, June 1st, 2017: International Systems Research Co. (ISR)  today announced the SSH Key management solution for cloud service, CloudGate Key Manager (AWS Summit Tokyo 2017).


With ever more computing resources moving off-premise and into the cloud, controlling access to these resources becomes increasingly important. Traditionally, remote access to server instances is performed using the SSH protocol, and, while the protocol in itself provides adequate security mechanisms, organizations continue to struggle to deploy these mechanisms at scale.


To boost SSH security, moving from username/password authentication to public key authentication is an important first step, but provisioning authorized keys to a large number of instances proves to be unwieldy and hard to manage. This, in turn, results in a wild growth of long-lived keys, which —as they are often shared across instances and used by multiple users or even entire teams— puts the entire infrastructure at risk.


CloudGate Key Manager addresses these problems by issuing short-lived keys to individual users. With the ability to force key rotation on a monthly, weekly, daily, or even hourly basis, CloudGate Key Manager greatly reduces the risk of stale keys finding their way out of the organization. In addition, flexible attribute-based policies allow administrators to implement fine-grained access control, and limit the resources that can be accessed by a specific user, group, or organizational unit.


By providing the tools needed to maintain visibility and control over SSH keys, as well as the resources that they provide access to, CloudGate Key Manager minimizes the risk of unauthorized access, and allows developers and administrators to focus instead on creating value for the organization.


Read the Japanese Press Release
『CloudGate Key Manager』を発表


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