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ISR America Announces New Federated Amazon Web Services API & CLI Access with CloudGate UNO

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SEATTLE – Nov. 26, 2018 – ISR America Ltd., a cloud security provider, today announced the launch of the new Federated Amazon Web Services API & Command Line Interface (CLI) Access features for CloudGate UNO, the company’s flagship identity and access management solution.


Trusted by over 1,500 organizations and 750,000 users, CloudGate UNO is currently one of the leading IAM solutions in the Japanese market.  The CloudGate service enforces strong authentication that goes beyond username and password, and allows organizations to use offerings such as FIDO U2F authentication and biometrics authentication to further secure their access to the cloud.


In November last year, ISR America launched CloudGate Key Manager, a new access control solution for Linux based instances which boosted SSH key security by allowing the issuance of short-lived SSH keys.


Drawing on insights generated during development of CloudGate Key Manager, this new rollout allows administrators to retrieve temporary access keys from AWS while utilizing the security features of CloudGate UNO, such as access restrictions and multi-factor authentication, to manage the issuance of AWS access keys.

Administrators can also specify the validity period for these keys, reducing the risk of having them fall into the hands of untrusted parties.


“Where there once was a clear line between on-premise and cloud-based services, this distinction continues to blur with the growing availability and adoption of Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions such as those provided by AWS,” said Robby Cornelissen, ISR America Chief Technical Officer.


“ISR America acknowledges this evolution, and by adding features to CloudGate UNO to allow federated access to the .Amazon Web Services APIs and CLIs, we continue to build on an identity and access management platform that is able to address all of an organization’s authentication and authorization needs,” said Cornelissen.


About ISR America Ltd. ISR, an identity and access management solution and cloud security provider is based in Seattle, WA. Originally headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, ISR provides strong, reliable, affordable authentication for the rapidly growing cloud market. The company is built on customer satisfaction and strives to respond to customer needs.  ISR is a member of the FIDO Alliance and is also the first Google Premier Partner of The Technology Track in Japan.


ISR America Ltd.