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YubiKey® based Multifactor Authentication Available in CloudGate

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Tokyo, Japan: Recent social engineering and phishing attacks on company employees suggest that present authentication for the enterprise is not competent in the Cloud computing era. Legacy enterprise authentication, based on passwords and factors such as IP address or device registration, becomes not enough to prevent unauthorized login access to corporate PCs and smartphones from the Internet. The need to verify the physical presence of users accessing Cloud services from authorized PCs or smartphones has become critical. CloudGate is addressing this need by featuring YubiKey®-based one time password (OTP) and U2F-ready authentication in its portfolio.


The CloudGate authentication service is developed and operated by International Systems Research Co. (ISR) in Japan. Since the launch in 2008, it has grown along with the Google Apps™ ecosystem reaching 600,000 users in 1,050 Japanese and international companies by the end of September of this year. CloudGate uses multifactor authentication, taking the IP address and device based identifier as factors in addition to commonly used user id and password. Its robust technology and intuitive user experience have been tested and recognized in enterprise environment especially for companies using Google Apps for Work ™ and Salesforce™.


ISR established reseller agreement with Yubico and has been extensively working on leveraging its technology in CloudGate’s authentication matrix. Yubico’s YubiKey® is an ultra-portable key-like device that connects to the user’s device via either USB or NFC technology and that cannot be remotely operated from the Internet. The user’s presence at the device can be confirmed with one touch to the key that is used to generate a one time password. The OTP is automatically input into the user’s screen during the login process. Compared to smartphone app generated OTP, the code generated by the YubiKey® has practically no chance of being tampered from the Internet. ISR will offer the YubiKey® as part of its Cloud Gate multifactor authentication service in January of 2015 and the service will be offered in preview form starting November 25th of this year.


ISR will exhibit and demo the new Cloud Gate multifactor authentication service using the YubiKey® at this week’s Japan IT Week (MAKUHARI MESSE, October 29 to 31st). A limited number of applications and free of charge YubiKeys will be available to users interested in joining the preview service.


Google has announced support for Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) authentication protocol on Chrome browser. Users of Google’s service will be able to use U2F ready devices during login process starting from October 21st, 2014. Joining this worldwide trend, ISR has joined FIDO Alliance and working on supporting U2F compatible multifactor authentication in its CloudGate Single Sign-on services. A dedicated press release for this is coming soon.


Catching up with worldwide leading technologies such as YubiKey® and U2F, ISR will continue its effort on enriching CloudGate portfolio, making its services more secure and reliable, and accessible to more users.
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About Yubico
As the inventors of the YubiKey®, Yubico sets new world standards for secure login across the Internet. Its unique USB and NFC key offers one-touch strong authentication supporting multiple authentication protocols for all devices and platforms – with no driver or client software needed. With successful enterprise deployments in 140 countries, including 7 of the top 10 Internet companies, Yubico is adding the consumer market to its list of strong authentication converts. Founded in 2007, Yubico is privately held with offices in Palo Alto, Calif., Stockholm, and London.
Yubico has official website at:


About International Systems Research Co. (ISR)
ISR, established in 1993 in Tokyo, is a certified Google Enterprise Partner (GEP) since 2008 that has been developing security and business related applications and services for the enterprise market since the early era of the Internet. Since 2008 ISR has offered the CloudGate Authentication service, which is Japan’s leading authentication service for Google Apps™ with more than 30% market share. The company is built on customer satisfaction, and as such will continue providing high quality products and services based directly on clients’ needs.


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