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Single Sign On to the Cloud with Your Fingerprint: CloudGate utilizes Touch ID to provide fingerprint authentication

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Single Sign On

Tokyo, Japan: International Systems Research Co. (ISR) announced that it started to offer fingerprint authentication option in its cloud authentication and access control service, CloudGate. CloudGate users can use this option on their Touch ID-equipped iOS devices immediately.


When fingerprint authentication option is enabled, CloudGate users will get prompt on their iOS devices to validate their login requests initiated via PC browsers. With the correct user ID and Touch ID fingerprint, CloudGate users can securely access Cloud services such as Google Apps for Work and Office 365 without memorizing and typing in passwords. This feature works with Touch ID-equipped iPhones out-of-box, with no additional peripherals needed.


CloudGate Key Features

  • Unified authentication platform designed with “One Safe Login” concept. One login process, secured by multiple authentication factors, allows access to various Cloud services.
  • Access control and Single Sign on for cloud services such as Google for Work,,, Office 365, Dropbox.
  • Compliance with FIDO protocols to allow rigorous identity authentication.

The Demand of Passwordless and Non-Password Authentication
Login using ID and Password used to be the mainstream in authentication for corporate information systems. However, authentication by verifying traditional static passwords that the user memorizes and keeps secret always suffers from the risks of forgotten passwords or stolen passwords. One-time password authentication using USB tokens or mobile apps is one of the solutions to the vulnerability of password authentication. However, this solution brings extra burden to the users who would have to carry additional device(s) and enter extra dynamic passcode(s).


Ever since Cloud services started to catch up in the enterprise IT systems, authentication mechanism has not been changed much. Many companies still are inclined to use conventional password authentication for that is intuitive to implement in their IT systems. Moving to the Cloud requires the daily user login process to be carried out over the Internet, thus calls for robust and simple authentication that can solve the dilemma of choosing between security and convenience.


CloudGate Fingerprint Authentication

  • CloudGate only requires a Touch ID-equipped iOS device to implement fingerprint authentication. The user does not need to carry additional fingerprint scanning device.
  • Fingerprint authentication provides additional security when the user logins in Cloud services via standard PC browsers.
  • Fingerprint authentication is built based on Apple’s Touch ID technology that has top notch reliability and security.
  • Fingerprint authentication can be alternatively used, providing the strong 2nd factor, in addition to ID/Password authentications.

CloudGate has been an essential secure authentication and access control service for Google Apps since 2008.It is now serving more than 1,100 companies with 600,000 end users. The newly launched fingerprint authentication will help IT administration and end users boost security and reduce their daily login stress. For corporate management and IT administration, the passwordless authentication mechanism will greatly reduce the helpdesk workload in password recovery and reset.

With fingerprint authentication option, ISR is devoted to making its one safe login cloud service secure and reliable, and accessible to more and more users.


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About International Systems Research Co. (ISR)
ISR, established in 1993 in Tokyo, is a certified Google Enterprise Partner (GEP) that has been developing security and business related applications and services for the enterprise market since the early era of the Internet. Since 2008 ISR has offered the CloudGate Authentication service, which is Japan’s leading authentication service for Google AppsTM with more than 30% market share. As a sponsor of FIDO Alliance, ISR is leading the industry in making authentication secure, reliable, expandable, and easy to implement and intuitive to use for companies and end users. The company is built on customer satisfaction, and as such will continue providing high-quality products and services based directly on clients’ needs.


Read the Japanese Press Release


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