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ISR to Offer FIDO Certified U2F Authentication with CloudGate Authentication Service

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FIDO Certified U2F Authentication

Tokyo, Japan: International Systems Research Co. (ISR), a certified Google Enterprise Partner and security solutions provider, today announced FIDO U2F integration into the CloudGate platform. CloudGate is an authentication and access control service offered as a subscription to corporate users. With CloudGate, corporate users can single sign-on to cloud services including Google for Work and Salesforce while subject to various security rules and strong authentications. The next release of CloudGate, scheduled for June 20, 2015, will support YubiKey U2F Certified authentication devices from Yubico.

FIDO U2F is an emerging open authentication standards initiative with strong support from more than 200 organizations in the FIDO Alliance. FIDO U2F was developed to thwart phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks. In addition to traditional IDs and passwords, U2F hardware authenticators, such as YubiKeys, generate public key-based signatures as a strong second factor to authenticate users.

FIDO Alliance board member Google is the leading public cloud service provider with more than two million corporate end users in Japan. On April 21, 2015, Google announced the support of U2F in Google Drive for Work for two-step verification. With new administrative features, Google Drive for Work admins will be able to easily deploy, monitor and manage U2F devices at scale. IT admins will see where and when employees last used their U2F keys with usage tracking and reports.

“When U2F functionality in Chrome launched late last year, the security and value of two-factor authentication became clear. Now, with U2F support in Google Drive for Work, users can bring their own hardened, Yubico U2F Certified keys directly to the enterprise without their organization collecting or storing any user secrets,” said Anil Batra, VP of Sales, APAC, Yubico, Inc.

“Google’s support of U2F enables strong authentication for GFW users who choose to use the two-step verification option. ISR’s CloudGate service supports U2F under the Single Sign-on option complementing Google’s support of U2F. As the leading provider of Single Sign-on authentication for Google for Work in Japan, ISR is proud to announce the support for U2F with next release of CloudGate,” said Raul Mendez, CEO, ISR.

Yubico U2F Certified authentication devices – U2F Security Key, YubiKey NEO, and YubiKey Edge – are available immediately and sold directly by ISR in Japan as well as from ISR’s store on Amazon Japan. Japanese customers looking to evaluate and adopt U2F-based strong authentication will receive professional support from ISR.
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About Yubico

As the inventors of the YubiKey®, Yubico sets new world standards for secure login across the Internet. Its unique USB and NFC keys offer one-touch strong authentication supporting multiple authentication protocols for all devices and platforms – with no driver or client software needed. With successful enterprise deployments in 146 countries, including 8 of the top 10 Internet companies, Yubico is adding the consumer market to its list of strong authentication converts. Founded in 2007, Yubico is privately held with offices in Palo Alto, Calif., Stockholm, and London.

Yubico has official website at:

About International Systems Research Co. (ISR)

ISR, established in 1993 in Tokyo, is a certified Google Enterprise Partner (GEP) that has been developing security and business related applications and services for the enterprise market since the early era of the Internet. Since 2008 ISR has offered the CloudGate Authentication service, which is Japan’s leading authentication service for Google for Work™ serving more than 600,000 end users from 1,100 corporations.

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