CloudGate UNO is an SSO solution that offers high-level security allowing for improved user flexibility and produtivity.

With your 30-day free trial, you can utilize various access restrictions and strong authentication mechanisms to secure access to your G Suite.

About CloudGate UNO

Leading in Strong Authentication

Why choose CloudGate UNO?

Single Sign-On (SSO)

We offer single sign-on (SSO) solution that lets your users log in only once to securely access all of their enterprise cloud applications.

Trusted Access (Access Control & User Management)

We protect your business whether on-premises or cloud-based, allowing you to limit access to your applications based on type of user and device.

Strong Multi-factor Authentication

Enforces strong identity authentication that goes beyond ID and password. Strengthens access security by requiring different methods of authentication to verify your identity.

Within your 30-day trial, the following features are available

1. User Management

3. Device-Based Access Restriction

5. Password Policy

7. Time/Country-Based Access Restriction

9. One-Time Password Authentication

11. G Suite Group Batch Registration

13. CloudGate Access Book

2. IP Address-Based Access Restriction

4. Security Profile Function

6. Access History

8. Fingerprint Authentication
*Smartphones that corresponds to the fingerprint authentication are required

10. FIDO U2F Authentication
*YubiKey purchace is required

12. Smartphone Device Restriction

14. Chromebook Federation

15. Single Sign On  (Limited to 1 cloud service: G Suite)
※ If you would like to try CloudGate UNO connecting to other cloud services, please contact us here.

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